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Dec 22 2008

Chef Gordon Ramsay on QTV

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www.youtube.com/qtv The master of food and foul language sits down with QTV host Jian Ghomeshi Duration : 0:19:33

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Dec 16 2008

Gurj Dhaliwal’s Tofu Pakoras with Tomato Chutney

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Indian Tapas Part 1: Gurj Dhaliwal makes Tofu Pakoras with Tomato Chutney. Get this recipe: http://www.foodtv.ca/recipes/recipedetails.aspx?dishid=8541 Gurj also prepared two other delicious Indian Tapas recipes, check them out here: http://www.foodtv.ca/video/?&maven_playerId=00foodtv&maven_referralPlaylistId=88929b77742a7488caeb8bfde5be72f54021707b&maven_referralObject=525335661&maven_referrer=staf Duration : 0:5:38

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Dec 16 2008

Club Bucanero pool, beach and lizard

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Club Bucanero is a pretty little 3 star resort. During tropical storm Noel it took a beating. Waves were crashing in the pool and beyond including the restaurant, it’s door was smashed open by a wave as we were having dinner. Duration : 0:8:9

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Dec 12 2008

Eating Global Vancouver – Green Lettuce Restaurant

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This film is the first in a series of short films created about “Eating Global Vancouver” by students taught by Prof. Henry Yu of the History Department at the University of British Columbia, with help from award-winning filmmaker Karin Lee, and initially shown at the Asian Library at UBC as part of Asian Heritage Month […]

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Sep 04 2008

Canning the Chow Chow – Part Deux

It’s morning. I haven’t had coffee yet. I’ve got the heavy stock pot tilted over the sink, draining the water from the tomatoes and onions that have sat overnight. I remind myself that if I DON’T visualize myself losing the lid and an hours worth of chopping down the sink, then it CAN’T happen. To […]

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Sep 03 2008

Canning the Chow Chow – Post, the First

It’s a down-east family tradition. Chow Chow. Sweet relish made from green tomatoes and onions. When we were first introduced to it in New Glascow, Nova Scotia, we couldn’t believe we were allowed to eat this sweet good stuff right along side our meat and potatoes. Shouldn’t this be a desert? This year, with the […]

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Sep 03 2008

Meat and Cheese and My Oh My!

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The Elmvale Sales Barn and Flea Market in Ontario, Canada is a treasure hunt for all ages. Located on Highway 92 between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach, it was originally a farmers market to sell their livestock and produce. It’s been open longer than I’ve been alive.  Today it is a hustle bustle of all sorts […]

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Aug 20 2008

The Rye Cafe, Midland Ontario Canada

The Happiest Place on Earth (or at least, in the afternoon in our little town) is the Rye Cafe. Located on King Street in Midland, Ontario, Canada. (sometimes referred to as “the main street”, because it’s the street our downtown core revolves around)

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Aug 14 2008

I Swear, You Swear, We All Swear on Tupperware

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Oh, how I love vintage Tupperware. I have vintage Tupperware radar when we go to sales barns, or my favorite thrift shop. Much to my beloveds chagrin. We have more space devoted in the cabinets to the little plastic darlings than is probably healthy. We have gelatin molds, veggie steamers, containers of all shapes and […]

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Aug 13 2008

Monster Fruit Dominates Organic Garden. News at 11.

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Today, we finally pulled the monstrous zucchini (courgette) off the plant. I let my daughter do the honours, as it was her plant from school. I’m a bit green when it comes to the whole zucchini “thing”, which is odd. I live in Ontario, Canada, and in our cottage country area, it’s a rare garden […]

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