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Dec 16 2008

Chocolate Dessert Recipe from HotelChocolat.com

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http://www.hotelchocolat.com gourmet chocolate dessert recipe. Chocolate caramel kiss pots. Duration : 0:6:28

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Aug 26 2008

Chocolate – New Cadbury Creme Brulee

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Well I was walking into the supermarket and bam, there it was a new bar of chocolate from Cadbury “Creme Brulee”

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Aug 17 2008

Fresh Fig & Port Sorbet – Recipe

Fresh Fig & Port Sorbet I’m at a loss for words. This sorbet is incredibly good. On Friday, I received my weekly shipment of organic produce and was excited to see a small basket of mission figs. I’ll admit that I don’t have much experience with fresh figs aside from eating them plain or in […]

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Aug 17 2008

Tomatoe and Chutney Lamb-Shanks – Recipe

Tomatoe and Chutney Lamb-Shanks – 17/08/2008 Well spring is almost upon the Southern Hemisphere and while it’s still cold I tend to want to again look at the old favourite Lamb-Shanks. This is a cheap cut that is often overlooked, but when prepared and cooked slowly is the most rewarding and healthy meal you can […]

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Aug 16 2008

How to Become a Tea Snob and Irritate Your Tea Bag Using Friends

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it’s easy to educate yourself about tea, and then it’s a short step to full-fledged tea snob. People do it with wine, why not tea? Tea is experiencing a revival in the west, but it has been a popular beverage world-wide for thousands of years. Most of the tea we drink in the western hemisphere […]

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Aug 15 2008

Healthy alternatives to french fries in kids meals

Although I may not always eat right, I try to make sure my children are getting nutritious meals.  Restaurants are getting more involved in healthy choices for your children, but what they are providing aren’t always kid friendly options.

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Aug 13 2008

Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie!

or Any Berry Breakfast Smoothie. I’m ashamed to admit that I have a big stack of paperwork sitting on my desk that needs to be done, ‘yesterday’. I hate paper work so I found a great job to do instead. Reorganize the fridge and freezer. To my great delight at the back of the top […]

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Aug 13 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: A Spice of Life

  Recently, my daughter moved into her first apartment. I was helping her set up her kitchen, buying her dishes, pots, pans, knives, etc. Having a large collection of spices, herbs, vinegars & oils, myself, suddenly – I thought, oh, wow,  as a responsible foodie & parent attempting to encourage my daughter’s newly found cooking […]

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